6 Key Steps to Crafting a Winning Print Campaign

Print Marketing Mastery:

Your current and prospective customers want to hear from you in an engaging, thought-provoking, and welcoming way. Print marketing is the best and most effective way to do just that!

Done right, print marketing raises awareness of your brand, drives new leads to your business, promotes the sales of new and existing products, and reaches people offline at home.

In fact, 79% of consumers find reading physical mail more convenient than going online.

But where do you start? Let’s navigate the worthwhile road of print marketing together.

6 Key Steps to Crafting a Winning Print Campaign

1. Define Your Mission

Before thinking about fonts, images, and colors, set a clear goal or mission.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you have a new product ready to hit the streets? Are you trying to attract new customers, grow loyalty with your current customers, or increase your company’s awareness?

How you answer this question will set the tone for your print marketing campaign.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

One of the most common challenges you’ll likely run into is marketing your product or service to the appropriate audience.

Research and gather as much information about the demographic of your customer base. How old are they? Where do they live? Where do they work? What’s the average salary in the area?

Remember, you’re not trying to reach every audience; you are trying to reach the right audience.

3. Focus on Trust

Prioritize transparency in your print marketing communications, and continually work to improve the trust that a customer can feel in the product or service you offer.

A survey of 1,000 consumers concluded that more than 80% consider trust a deciding factor in their buying decisions, but only 34% trust the brands they use.

4. Clearly Communicate

Always remember to include a few things in your design to get the purpose of the marketing piece across.

The headline should clearly state the topic of the copy, have a clear call to action, and tell your target audience what separates you from the competition.

5. Remain Flexible

Leave room for the unknown and be on the lookout for trends in your business or a shift in demographics.

Being able to pivot your print marketing effectively can allow you to be more efficient in your overall marketing efforts.

6. Embrace New Technologies

Print marketing will always be a vital element of any brand strategy and can be blended with other technologies.

Personalized print products are a surefire way to connect your brand with a customer, as they speak to the customer as an individual.

By The Marketing Team at Broadstroke, Inc.

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