mail pickup

We Will Pick up Your Mail!

We can save you time and money on any mailing job by folding, stuffing, sealing, and stamping with our efficient machines, cutting out hours of manual labor.

Need something printed?  A convenient feature of our mail pickup is that we will deliver your print or promo order when we swing by each day.

approved postal mailing provider

Broadstroke is the preferred mail house for businesses across America.

Mail without Postage:

We are happy to apply our presort postage to any of your mail pieces!  We’ll supply the trays for your mail and will be by daily to grab it all.

Mail with postage already applied just needs separated from the one’s you want us to apply postage to.  We will deliver to the post office along with your other mail pieces. We do not charge any extra rates, just be sure to seal and separate it from the other mail that we will apply postage to.

Flats and Large Envelopes:

Send us one or hundreds of “flats” and we’ll gladly pick them up along with your other mail, daily. We’ll apply postage and get them over to the post office same or next day. We do request that they be sealed and tape is over the metal clasps to reduce wear and tear on our machines.

Avoid High Postage Rates:

Did you know that when addresses are handwritten, they need to be in black ink otherwise you’ll be charged the full postage amount? When you write legibly and leave room at the bottom of the envelope then we are able to presort and pass along our presort postage rate. But if those addresses are sloppy, in a different color of ink, or are too close to the bottom, you’ll be charge for the full postage amount.

Certified Mail:

We can send your certified mail if you get it to us sealed and we can provide the forms and mailing labels for you to fill out. We could make it easier and print, stuff, address, and add postage for you. Either way, we have you covered.

If you use Postalocity’s Certified Mail Services for your legal and time sensitive communications, we’ll provide proof of mailing with a receipt to the sender. Using the Certified Mail Tracking Number provided by the USPS, you’ll know when the piece was delivered or if a delivery attempt was made. You can also opt for an email notification with the recipient’s signature upon delivery. Another bonus is you don’t have to touch anything but your keyboard!

International Mail:

We can send your international mail, no problem! Just keep it separated from your other mail and we’ll add postage for you.

Mail Sorting and Handling:

Our mail room sorts and handles all classes, priority first class, standard (now known as marketing mail), non-profit, and EDDM. Parcels and priority mail are also picked up for added convenience! No matter where it’s going, size, or weight, we will get you the best rates and fastest delivery.

Mail Simplified to Drag and Drop!

The Postalocity platform automates the process of mail. Send statements, invoices, and direct mail on time, every time without losing your standards of quality and appearance. Those important pieces are routed through Postalocity’s high speed, digital commercial printers and inserters with 100% accuracy. Postalocity will ensure your addresses meet the USPS formatting and accuracy standards, drastically reducing returned mail.

We invite your questions and are happy to make an appointment to discuss the best solution for your mail needs.
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