Increase Your Sales – PRINT!

4 Print Marketing Materials to Increase Your Sales – PRINT!

Print marketing is a valuable tool to increase your sales. It stands out, generating a greater return on investment. 80% of consumers act on direct mail advertisements, and 92% of 18- to 23-year-olds say it’s easier to read print over digital material. Print marketing itself has a wide variety of options. Below are five effective choices and why they work.

Promotional materials increase sales.

Cooling Towel
Add your logo to towels and water bottles!

Promotional materials are one of the most popular and effective print marketing tools. Popular promotional products include stickers, fridge magnets, key chains, t-shirts, and bags. They usually include your company’s name and/or logo. In the U.S, promotional materials is a $17.8 billion industry. Given their efficacy, it’s no wonder the business is so large.

When deciding which promotional materials to use, bear in mind the best promotional items are the ones customers will keep. 77% of customers said the promotional product’s usefulness was their number one reason to keep it. Customers considered health, safety, technology, and writing products to be the most useful.

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Promotional material example: calendars

A calendar is one example of a useful and, therefore, effective promotional material. Over its lifetime, a promotional calendar will generate around 850 impressions, making them extremely powerful marketing tools.

Customers love calendars because they are useful. Recipients will hang them up and use them often to remember important dates and events. You can use the calendar’s space to highlight positive customer stories and include your business’s important dates. Here are some great calendar options!

Brochures increase sales.

Brochures give you the space to provide detailed information about your business. Often, they work best in location-specific spaces, making them perfect for the tourist industry. According to Bentley University, 95% of visitors who pick up a brochure become aware of a business, and 83% of visitors plan to visit a company they see in a brochure. Those are high statistics!

We have paper and fold options for your brochures to help make them stand out, check out our info and pricing on brochures HERE.

Posters increase sales.

40% of those who saw a poster visited the business advertised, 24% made a purchase, and 13% recommended the advertiser to others. Again, these are very promising numbers. For example, if 100 people see your poster, which is more than likely if you place it in a high-traffic area, then this will translate to about 24 sales and 13 likely sales.

The 13% who recommend the advertiser to others is a positive statistic. After all, word-of-mouth advertising is highly effective, increasing trust and sales.  Check out some of our past poster and graphic jobs to spark your own ideas!

Catalogs increase sales.

Catalogs allow you to highlight your most profitable items to prospective clients. In a world that’s becoming increasingly advertisement averse, catalogs are a breath of tried and true air. 84% say they enjoy catalogs from brands they’ve purchased from in the past, and 57% say they enjoy receiving catalogs from brands they’ve never heard of. 

Because customers enjoy receiving catalogs, they are more likely to keep them and look at them. On average, consumers spend about 15.5 minutes looking over catalogs and hold onto them for about 20.3 days. We offer a couple different catalogs and booklets on our website, check those out here!

Promotional materials, brochures, posters, and catalogs are a small percentage of the many print materials to increase sales. We’ll help you find the best match to serve your needs. By keeping the cost of printing low, your sales can go high.

Let us help you! Check out our website or give us a call at 316.262.3333.

By The Marketing Team at Broadstroke, Inc.

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