7 Reasons Why Designers in Wichita and Beyond Love Print

Wichita Thunder Window Design

As a designer and marketer, I find myself giddy with excitement when encountering thoughtfully curated pieces while out and about. But when I spot one in production here at our shop, I literally geek out. Whether it’s a clever business card with simple graphics, a snazzy flier with an eye-catching pattern, a bold window display, or a shirt screaming “wearable art” – I stop in my tracks. Just ask the team.

Designers frequently showcase their designs digitally, on social media and other platforms. Yet, their affinity for print surpasses digital presentation, leaving a lasting impact that is felt. Each printed design piece becomes a testament to the creator’s artistry, turning heads in galleries, adorning walls as custom wallpaper, being distributed through marketing campaigns, or making surprise appearances in mailboxes.

Designers don’t just aim to please the eye; they’re all about creating a full-body experience. Through strategic mailing campaigns and personalized touches, print becomes the conduit through which designers slide into the hearts (and mail slots) of their audience, leaving a lasting impact that transcends digital boundaries.

For instance, the window graphics at Intrust Bank Arena for the Wichita Thunder, created by designer Ashlynn Shinn. The composition is interesting and digestible from a distance. It engages viewers with a QR code, and once you’re up close, you see the intricate background patterns and layering used to construct it. Shinn did a phenomenal job fabricating something that is not only visually pleasing, but also serves a purpose.

Above, installed graphics and digital mockup of the Wichita Thunder promotional windows at Intrust Bank Arena – designed by Ashlynn Shinn.

The 7 Reasons Why Designers Love Print:

  1. Tangible Experience: Print design offers a tactile experience that digital mediums can’t replicate. Designers appreciate the physicality of print materials, such as the feel of different paper textures and weights, the smell of freshly printed ink, and the satisfaction of holding a beautifully crafted piece in their hands.
  2. Sense of Permanence: Unlike digital content, which can be easily deleted or forgotten, print materials have a sense of permanence. Designers appreciate the longevity of print pieces, knowing that their work will be preserved and appreciated long after it’s created.
  3. Creative Freedom: Print design allows for a wide range of creative expression. Designers have control over every aspect of the printed piece, from layout and typography to color and finish, enabling them to bring their artistic vision to life in a tangible form.
  4. Attention to Detail: Print design requires meticulous attention to detail. Designers must consider factors such as resolution, color accuracy, and print specifications to ensure that the final product meets their high standards. This attention to detail can be both challenging and rewarding for designers who thrive on precision.
  5. Limited Constraints: While digital design often comes with constraints such as screen sizes and browser compatibility, print design offers more freedom in terms of layout and presentation. Designers can explore unconventional formats, experiment with different printing techniques, and push the boundaries of traditional design norms.
    Broadstroke presentation folders - designed and created by Broadstroke, Inc.
    Broadstroke presentation folders – designed and created by Broadstroke, Inc.
  6. Emotional Impact: Print materials have a unique ability to evoke emotion and create memorable experiences. Whether it’s a beautifully designed book cover, an eye-catching poster, or a thoughtfully crafted invitation, print design has the power to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.
  7. Physical Challenges: Print design presents unique challenges that can be intellectually stimulating for designers. From solving technical printing issues to finding innovative solutions for complex layouts, print projects often require problem-solving skills and creative thinking, keeping designers engaged and inspired.

Designers love print for its physicality. Utilizing design and art in realms beyond the digital sphere is paramount due to its ability to foster tangible connections and evoke emotional responses using print, mail, and apparel to display their craft.

I can’t help but be proud that Broadstroke is here to help designers “strut their stuff” and make their clients look like rock stars through their artistry. So here’s to celebrating the magic of design and the joy of turning heads with every well-placed pixel and perfectly printed piece!

By Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller is a piece of the Broadstroke marketing puzzle who enjoys sprinkling doses of encouragement and creativity throughout the company and the wider Wichita community.










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