Postage on the Rise: 2023 Update

Do you like Jeopardy? I used to watch it with my mom when it would come on television and in school we’d play variations related to the subject we were learning. Since you’ve likely read the title of this blog with a frown, let’s play a quick game to lift the mood!

Verbs for $200

The question reads:

“This word indicates an action. Its occurrence is never-ending and it happens to be the most discussed form of action at the start of a new year.”



Time’s up!

If you answered: “What is Change?” then congratulations! You won a metaphorical $200.

And speaking of change, the U.S. Postal service will be increasing their postage rates approximately 4.2%, effective January 22, 2023. The USPS is also seeking price increases for:

  • Certified Mail
  • Money Order Fees
  • Cost to purchase insurance for mailing items
  • Post office box rental fees

The increased prices will help provide the U.S. Postal service with some much-needed revenue to achieve financial stability with their DFA 10-year plan. This increase also comes with the rise in operating expenses. Below is a chart containing the price changes for 2023. The increase across the board amounts to about 0.03 – 0.05 cents.

As you may have guessed, this also means our own rates will increase a bit, though we strive to be the most affordable and convenient option for you! On a much happier note, Broadstroke and Postalocity will continue to provide you services at the current prices reflective of the U.S. Postal service prices. Any jobs that are approved after the January 22nd, 2023 deadline will reflect the new changes seen above.

Here are updated prices! First-Class Rates Sheet 2022 with Meter Costs.1.17.23_plus

Thank you for choosing Broadstroke and Postalocity to be your mailing experts!

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By Micaela Dixon, Design & Marketing at Broadstroke, Inc.

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