4 Illustrative Design Options for Your Logo or Custom Labels

Designs for Custom Labels

4 Illustrative Design Options for Your Logo or Custom Labels

When you are building a business or launching a product, a label or a logo might not seem like a top priority.

But these branding pieces are essential because they open the door to your identity. Logos and product labels grab attention, make a strong first impression, separate you from the competitors, and make you more memorable (so customers come back again and again!).

Many businesses settle for something simple when crafting these brand icons – like the company name with a small swath of color. But have you ever considered an illustrative icon? These visually delightful options carry a pictorial presentation of the features and aspects of your product or personality.

Here are four examples:

1. Literal Illustrations

The more literal your design is, the less work a prospect needs to do to interpret it.

A buck hunting specialist might display a pair of antlers growing out of its business catchphrase. Or a dentist might stamp the name of their practice name inside the shape of a toothbrush. Literal illustrations like these function like a highway sign. Their meaning is clear but limited.

2. Metaphorical Illustrations

Sometimes, an illustration can be concrete while its meaning remains abstract.

Apple provides the classic example of an illustrative logo with its meaning left open for interpretation. Apple doesn’t sell fruit, but the logo features a stylized apple with a bite taken out of it. The logo serves as a symbol or a metaphor – knowledge, forbidden fruit, or the discovery of gravity. Its meaning is indirect but wide open.

3. Subject Specific Pieces

If your product or service centers around one service or word, you can place this front and center in your designs.

Is there one particular picture that matches your brand or product? Here are some straightforward examples:

— A bee used for selling homemade honey

— A magnolia flower for a restaurant of the same name.

— A bucking bronco for a rodeo

— The face of Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken

Depicting one subject as the focal point of your design will give you a timeless symbol you can stick with for years.

4. Hand-Illustrated Icons

Want something that is absolutely, uniquely YOU?

Hand-illustrated logos start with a freehand drawing that is then digitized into a graphic. Here’s one example: Gatorscapes Landscaping was looking for an energetic custom design, highlighting the company’s speedy service and its aggressive, get-it-done attitude. Designers built these qualities into a spirited design – a traditional push-powered mower with the face of a hungry alligator devouring the grass with razor-sharp teeth.

A hand-drawn illustration ensures your imagery is a perfect synthesis of the values and ideas of your business. Plus, they bring out the child in all of us, creating a personal connection with the viewer that penetrates both the mind and the emotions.

Craft an Irresistible Image

Sales are more than just transactions; they involve a process of decision.

When customers buy from you, they express a vote of confidence in your products and your company. Show them they’re in good hands with a professional splash of your brand personality! As you sharpen your image, nothing communicates confidence quite like tactile, stunning print products.

Want to try one of these illustrative options for your next logo or custom label? Our full-service design team can get you started. Simplify and save by combining your design and print needs today!  Give us a call at 316.262.3333 or shoot us an email at moreinfo@broadstrokeinc.com.

By The Marketing Team at Broadstroke, Inc.

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