4 Marketing Ideas to Help You Attract More Customers

In a post-COVID economy, consumers are eager to support small businesses. One Consumer Pulse study showed that 93% of Americans believe supporting small businesses they value is important, and 9 out of 10 shoppers said this is even more essential after the pandemic.

As further proof, Small Business Saturday has emerged as a significant retail event during the busiest shopping season for small businesses. In 2022, projected spending reached an estimated $17.9 billion, as the 2022 SBS Consumer Insights Survey reported.

1. Curb Appeal

For businesses with a physical location, experience. is. everything! Make it fun with a sidewalk A-frame banner, freebies table with magnets, custom notepads, or samples. Advertise in advance and reward people who participate in your highlighted theme (like a 15% discount to anyone wearing plaid or area sports team merchandise). Or collaborate with area merchants on a “Deals Near-BUY” flyer to build momentum in your neighborhood.

2. Reward Referrals

85% of business owners depend on word-of-mouth referrals to boost their brand! Consider mailing Buy One/Get One coupon postcards or hold in-store drawings and demonstrations with custom promotional items to give away.

3. Personalize Advertisements

Highlight testimonies or quotes from real customers when promoting your business. You can do this with before and after pictures, high quality photos of your customers, advertising your content in front of an area mascot, or tying local and seasonal events into your promotions.

4. Offer Bonus Merchandise

Balancing price reduction and profit margin gets tricky, consider adding rewards instead. Ask your suppliers for samples to be used as a “gift with purchase” item or consider picking your own freebies to go with purchases. Socks with a pair of shoes purchase, custom sunglasses with summer item purchases, or a custom gift card or “Get One Freebie” ticket.

Print Local

Local purchasing has tangible benefits for shoppers and merchants: for every dollar spent shopping small, estimates show an average of 68 cents stays in that business’s local community.

So, choose to shop and print locally and contact us for all your printing needs, including posters, mailers, business cards, and more.

By Marketing for Printers & Broadstroke, Inc.

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