Order Delays & Price Increases

So you thought delays and supplies were caught back up from the pandemic? You thought wrong! Due to supply and demand, last minute orders and rushes might just be a thing of the past as everyone in the print and promo industry flounders to find the goods for our customers.

Why are there so many delays & backorders?

COVID-19 continues to choke the supply chain for almost every industry, ours included. Price
increases and longer delivery times are something we all will have to adjust to as we continue to
find our new normal.

Supply and demand

What can we do?

Plan 4-5 weeks ahead and remember that some vendors are 90 days or more behind on orders.
Be flexible and ready to pivot. It could be well into 2022 before we see any normalcy in stock
availability and production times.

We are a team and we’ve got this!

Let us help you find creative ways to market your company! If you’re having trouble finding printing and mailing supplies for your in-house mailroom, give Postalocity a try. Postalocity is our online mailing platform. Mail your statements, invoices, and more, right from your computer.

If you have any questions, contact us.

See our full flyer, print ready, here: Supply Delays – outlined

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