Reasons that will Convince you to Ditch Postage Meters

Retire your postage meter and send real mail online!

Ever find yourself staring at your postage meter in frustration, thinking, “There’s got to be a better way?” At last, there is! We’re unveiling a revolutionary change in the world of business mailing. No need for a crystal ball to see that the era of clunky postage meters is on its way out. The demand for accurate, efficient, and fast mailing services remains essential for businesses of all sizes. So how can your business meet this need without emptying your pockets?  

With Postalocity by Broadstroke, Inc. 

Postage meters are often more trouble than they are worth for businesses seeking a seamless mail operation. From the initial cost required to purchase the machine to ongoing rental and lease fees, ink costs, maintenance costs, and upgrade costs, meters can incur significant expenses! We get it, you and your postage meter have been through it all. The envelope jams, the breakdowns, incorrectly printed postage, supply restocks, and maybe there was a company holiday card fiasco in there too. While we’re sure those memories may be bittersweet at best, it’s time to say goodbye and let those Postage Meters fly. 

It’s no secret that USPS plans to let go of 70% of IBI devices in accordance with their new postal regulations, set to take affect June 30th, 2024. This means most businesses need to start looking into purchasing new machinery, if they haven’t already. Luckily, Broadstroke, Inc. can help rid you of this unforeseen expense! 

In Memory

Postage Meters, June 30th, 2024

Rest in peace, you’ll be missed (sort of).

How does Broadstroke compare against Postage Meters?

Broadstroke’s completely cloud-based, mailing software is a cutting-edge, digital mailing solution designed to simplify, enhance, and automate your business mail operations. Businesses of any size can use it for mailing jobs of any volume. It replaces traditional postage meters with a seamless, user-friendly platform and eliminates the need for forms, paper, envelopes, and manual labor. 


Comparison chart broadstroke vs postage meter

* You may still encounter some challenges

** With additional purchase

*** Dependent on market in most regions 

Broadstroke has over 40 years of industry knowledge that allows us to ensure all mail jobs meet USPS postal standards. We keep up to date on any changes, so you don’t have to! 

What else can Broadstroke do?

Before email and technological advancements, businesses streamlined the mail process by having an onsite postage meter. Now with Broadstroke, you can simply email or upload what you want to have mailed and we’ll get it out the door for you. No need to leave your desk! Daily we print, fold, stuff, address and endorse over 50,000 mail pieces for various clients with capacity to spare. Some of our clients only need to send out one or two pieces in one week and the next week will need to mail thousands. We don’t discriminate or overcharge for smaller mail jobs either; we treat them all with the same elevated importance.

Take a look at these great benefits!
  • Increased Cost Savings – Your equipment and technology costs, maintenance, and operation expenditures are reduced.   
  • Space Savings – Eliminating the need for big equipment, paper, toner, envelopes, and all the other essentials that cost you money because it takes up real estate. We have the space and resources to store it all and bulk savings that we pass along to you.   
  • Efficiency and Quality Improvements – We have the most state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create the best mail pieces your company deserves. Our mail expertise and knowledge provide extra insights to help your mail order get out the door fast and efficiently.   
  • Backup and Recovery – Our redundant facilities ensure there are no downtimes or lost data. This is key to significantly minimizing the risk from unforeseen disasters.   

Want to try sending mail right from your keyboard? Visit Postalocity to sign up for FREE today!

By Broadstroke, Inc.

Call us @ 316.262.3333 or 855-778-9100 / Email us

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