How to Save Money on Postage

By now you know Broadstroke, Inc. is a one-stop-shop for a ton of printing and branding needs. Did you know you can also save money on postage and time spent preparing your outgoing mail? We also offer mail pick up, postage discounts, mail lists, and more! With the cost of everything on the rise, every little reduction in expenses helps. So, let’s talk about some of our mailing offers so that we can better serve you!

Postage? What Postage Types Does Broadstroke Offer?

Postage can be complicated, to say the least, and you may be wondering if we could make this easier on you. To put it simply, the answer is yes. Broadstroke can apply First Class Postage, Postcard Postage, and can handle any international mail, Certified Mail, or Priority Mail. If you have UPS or FedEx packages, you’d like us to handle, just ask!

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the differences, click on any of the links below to be redirected to our blog page for Postalocity. (Side note: if you’re looking to automate your mailing process further, you should definitely check out Postalocity.) Each blog breaks down the differences and benefits in easy-to-understand terms.

Ever wondered what the difference is between First Class Postage and Standard Postage?

Or maybe you’d like to understand the options for Certified Mail or Nonprofit Postage options.

We get asked all the time if Priority Mail is faster than First Class Mail. It is faster, by the way.

Can you pick up my mail? We can! Here are a couple of scenarios.

Full-pay postage rates compared to Broadstroke's discounted postage ratesScenario #1: You’re Stuck in a Postage Meter Contract

Even if you are in a contract on your postage meter, you can take advantage of Broadstroke’s discounted postage rates. You’ll continue metering your own mail in-house, but instead of using the full rate, you’ll lower your postage meter to our rates. Our mail experts will pick up your outgoing mail, bring it back to our facility, sort it, and take it to the USPS that same day.

Scenario #2: You Do Not Have a Postage Meter Contract

If you’re ready to say buh-bye postage meter contracts and maintenance programs, our team is ready to seamlessly take its place. This is when the real savings starts to happen! Just like scenario #1, our mail experts will pick up your outgoing mail every day. Back at our facility, we’ll sort it and meter it for you. You don’t even have to seal your envelopes!

What about lists?

You bet we can help with that too! Broadstroke can help you with your residential or business lists and drill down your target market by accessing various demographics with our quality mail list supplier. We can provide the address, phone numbers, and email addresses if you so desire.

We’ll provide targeting options, contact information, email address, residential address, and you aren’t just limited to using this information one time! We offer multi-use lists so you can have better brand recognition and build trust with consumers.

What about EDDM Mailings, do you do those too?

Of course, we do! EDDM, which stands for Every Door Direct Mailing, allows you to blanket an area of addresses within a mail carrier’s route. That’s just a couple of city blocks! You don’t need a mailing list, just a general idea of the area you’d like to mail to. We’ll help you get route information and get you an estimate per piece. Since nothing needs addressed, it costs less to process and get it in front of consumers.

We guide you through the rules set by the Post Office for size and design and we’ll take care of bundling everything for you! We also fill out all the forms the Post Office requires and do it for a very affordable price!

We recommend EDDM mail to realtors, dentists, restaurant owners, dealerships, and other retail stores to use this for brand awareness. It usually takes 3 impressions for someone to recognize your name, 7 impressions to put associate your name with the business, and 27 to be at the top in someone’s mind!

In a Nutshell

Meter your mail, or don’t. We’ll pick it up either way. We’ll prepare it for mailing, then presort it for the USPS, driving down the postage costs. Then we package it all up and deliver it straight to the USPS sorting facility, and they take it from there. Using Broadstroke’s mailing services will always yield faster delivery times and lower costs than doing it yourself.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts and see if this service is right for you, contact us today.

By The Marketing Team at Broadstroke, Inc.

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